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Pinup bookmaker has prepared a compilation of the best sports news

Friends, it's time to prepare for new events and opportunities! It's time to find out what interesting matches will take place this week. We look at the calendar, select matches and determine the bankroll for future victories.

Tuesday 5 February will be the day of the FA Cup, France and the Ligue 1 match. It seems that Monaco will try with might and main to get out of the crisis: Bordeaux will be their opportunity for this. In Germany, the "Bumblebees" will also try to show who is in charge in the Cup.

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As part of the KHL, Ak Bars will fight Torpedo, and Spartak Moscow will meet Sochi. Getting ready!

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Wednesday, February 6 will be a day of unique encounters and mega-cool battles. Everton and Manchester City at Gudisso Park, but the Spanish Cup will explode with a massacre between Real Madrid and Barcelona. But rest assured, BC Pinup will take all bets;) Are you ready to win?

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But in Germany on Wednesday the Cup of the country will continue: Hertha against Bayern, Leipzig will meet Wolfsburg, Schalke will test Fortuna. And in France, PSG will play with Villefranche.

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Thursday, February 7 marked by the start of a new round of Euro Hockey Tour. Sweden will host the Beijer Hockey Games. Fans of the Russian national team and hockey fans place bets on the Russia-Finland match, and also carefully watch the Czech Republic-Sweden match.

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"Valencia", which left Cheryshev, will play against "Betis" in the Spanish Cup. But in the series "A" will meet "Lazio" and "Empoli".


And already in France, Lyon will have to break into the ¼ finals after defeating PSG. Guingamp will stand in the way of the club.

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Friday, February 8 start new rounds of national championships. Marseille will play twice in a week in Ligue 1 - against Dijon. In the Italian Serie A, a battle will unfold between Roma and Chievo, and in the Bundesliga, Mainz will compete with Bayer.

Attention! Saturday, February 9 is a special day for Russia. Our national team will play against Sweden within the Euro Hockey Tour. But Finland will have to compete with the Czech Republic. We do not miss the opportunity to win on bets with our team!

The Premier League will break out the derby "Crystal Palace - West Ham", and there will also be a curious match "Fulham - Manchester United".

In the Bundesliga, a great looking Hoffenheim will take on Borussia Dortmund, scoring league leaders Eintracht will face Leipzig and Schalke will face Bayern Munich. Matches are bright, there are many outcomes, bets can already be placed!

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Also, do not miss the games of La Liga and Serie A: Roma's offender - Fiorentina - will play with Napoli, and Parma, which deprived Juventus of victory, will compete with Inter, which simply failed its last match.

And don't miss Sunday! February 10 The Russian team will fight with the eternal rival - the team of the Czech Republic. The last match of the round of the Swedish games is coming up. The Swedish national team will also compete with the Finnish team.


And of course, the next matches of the Premier League, the Bundesliga, the Spanish Examples, Serie A and the French First League are waiting for. Manchester City vs. Chelsea, Tottenham vs. Leicester, Barcelona vs. Athletic, Juventus vs. Sassuolo, etc. Don't miss out on the best of the week - and beat BC Pinap together every time of them!

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