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Eurocups are in the playoffs! One of the most exciting football spectacles is already waiting for you. Are you ready for the main and best emotions?

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February 11 is the day of confrontations in England and Spain. Wolverhampt will face Newcastle United and Alaves will face Levante.

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Hot fights are expected - don't miss it!

The Kontinental Hockey League will please with a big day with a classic derby Spartak - Dynamo in Moscow, Jokerit will check the readiness of Dynamo Riga, and CSKA will come to Bratislava to Slovan.



February 12 is the Champions League! Match 1/8 finals, which will meet Manchester United and PSG. Ready for an incredible match? Solskjaer returned the Manqua team, but PSG was left without Neymar. What awaits the fans?


Don't miss Porto, Roma and of course our Zenit in the Europa League!


Wednesday - February 13 - the day of the battle between Ajax and Real Madrid, as well as Tottenham will play Borussia Dortmund in London.


You absolutely have to watch everything!

KHL on Wednesday will give the fans three amazing games at once: Ak-Bars - CSKA, Spartak - SKA and Jokerit - Dynamo M.


Hockey is coming!


February 14 is the day of the Europa League: great games will go one after another. Domestic Krasnodar will come to visit Bayer. And there will also be games of Galatasaray, Benfica, Lazio and other top clubs. Attention - to the schedule from BC Pinup!

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February 15 is National Championships Day. The most spectacular matches will take place in the Bundesliga and Serie A. Bayern against Augsburg and Juventus will play against Frosione. In addition, you can watch La Liga, Ligue 1 and FA Cup games.

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Follow the matches of the giants!


Not a day without great games! So on February 16, Saturday, Atlanta will host Milan in Serie A. Bundesliga, Primera, Ligue 1 - choose any and enjoy!


Tours of national championships are ready to please any fan with entertainment!


On February 17, you will find many games in Serie A and an example, games in the FA Cup, a chic match in the Bundesliga. Don't forget to check the schedule, compare odds and win against your favorite teams!

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This brings another week to a close. Wait for new announcements and win in any game!

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