Top sporting events with Pin Up February 25 to March 3.

With the advent of spring, perhaps the most interesting stage of the European football championships begins. Despite the break in Eurocups, a lot of interesting things are waiting for us!

February 25, Monday - the day of the start of the playoffs in the KHL. Fiery confrontations are ready!

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And in the European championships the rendered matches will take place. Bundesliga, La Liga and the Turkish Super League are ready to please football fans.

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February 26, Tuesday - and amazing battles in the playoffs of the KHL.

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The Premier League matches are returning, in which battles are expected to change places in the middle of the table. The main match of the football day is the game between Lazio and Milan in the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia.

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February 27, Wednesday - really hot day. The famous London derby "Chelsea" - "Tottenham", the second semi-final of the Italian Cup and the real war between Real Madrid and Barcelona, in which Madrid have the away goal advantage.

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Wednesday is also KHL day. New playoff matches are waiting for us.

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February 28, Thursday - day for a little respite, but here we are waiting for something interesting. We are watching the second semi-final of the Spanish Cup: Betis - Valencia.

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March 1, Friday - holiday for RPL fans. "Orenburg" will fight with "Anji" and open a new round of the championship of Russia. And you can also watch the games of European football leagues.


In addition, of course, the KHL. The ice will heat up again in the battles of the playoffs. Just on Friday, the participants of the next round will be known.

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March 2, Saturday - heavenly day for all lovers of betting. We are waiting for a huge number of amazing events.

In the Premier League, another amazing derby is Tottenham against Arsenal. In the Bundesliga, Eintracht will meet with Hoffenheim, and both teams are in great shape. But in the evening, Bayern will play with Borussia Monchengladbach. And right after that, a new El Clasico will take place in the Example.

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In Italy - a classic derby at the Stadio Olimpico, in Portugal - Porto will try to beat Benfica. And in Russia, a tough fight awaits CSKA and an attempt by Zenit to gain a foothold in the championship leader position.

March 3, Sunday - the day when we will not rest, because there are also many events. Now the “Merseyside” derby between Everton and Liverpool will delight fans of the Premier League.

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The real war will unfold in Italy: Atalanta will fight Fiorentina, and Napali will attack the immortal and invincible Juventus.

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In Russia, the rested Spartak and Krasnodar, which dropped out of the Russian Cup and went further in the Europa League, will also sort things out.

Fight and win!

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