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Attention - don't miss it. Already today on Monday 18 February 2019, The Premier League will literally explode with a unique and long-awaited confrontation between Chelsea and Manchester United. The match will start very soon - don't miss your opportunity!

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Also don't miss the best rendered games of tournaments in Spain, Italy and Germany.

February 19, Tuesday, will delight football fans with matches of the Champions League. Bayern will go up against Liverpool and Lyon will dare to go against Barcelona itself.

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February 20, Wednesday - this is a continuation of the playoffs of the Champions League, also a real treat from the KHL. Football fans are waiting for the match between Atlético and Juventus, and Manchester City will try to defeat Schalke.

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But in the KHL, its own playoffs will soon begin, but the teams will have to determine the winner of the regular series.

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February 21, already on Thursday, the participants of the 1/8 finals of the Europa League will be announced. We are getting ready to follow everyone at once: from 21-00 Moscow time the return matches will begin.

Friday, February 22 will delight with the games of the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and Primera Liga 1.

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February 23, Saturday — this is not only a men's holiday, but also a paradise for connoisseurs of football betting. Top games and best teams: Sevilla against Barcelona, Torino against Atlanta and others. Stock up on treats and drinks - it's going to be a long Saturday.

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February 24, Sunday, it's a new football day. In the Premier League, there will be a grand battle between Liverpool and Old Trafford. It looks like Solskjaer's team could lose. But Borussia Dortmund will face Bayer. But in the Italian championship, Inter will play with Fiorentina, Levant - with Real Madrid.

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