The return of the Champions League and the best sporting events - with Pin Up!

All the most interesting in sports from 12 to 17 March

The Champions League continues - are you ready for amazing matches and the most important battles?

March 12, Tuesday, in Turin, Juventus will test their chances with Atlético. Meanwhile, Manchester City will take on Schalke. The German team has been showing ups and downs all season.

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Tuesday night will be hot!

Another interesting event is the postponed match in the French championship, in which PSG, after being eliminated from the Champions League, will meet with Dijon.

March 13, Wednesday, will give two spectacular matches. In both cases, the teams did not score a single goal during the first meetings, so now they are maximally motivated to win. Barcelona will meet Lyon, and Bayern will sort things out with Liverpool.

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The main thing is that the stadiums do not melt from the heat!

In addition, the semi-finals of the Conferences begin in the KHL. The West will be ahead: CSKA will arrange a derby with Dynamo Moscow, and SKA St. Petersburg will play with Yaroslavl Lokomotiv.

Time to break the ice!

March 14, Thursday - day for the Europa League, a landmark for two Russian teams. Zenit will have to play two goals on the field of Villarreal, and Krasnodar is waiting for Valencia.

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Playoffs pleases with chic matches!

The first semi-finals of the Eastern Conference will be held in the KHL. Surprising everyone, Barys will fight with Avangard, and Avtomobilist will oppose Salavat Yulaev.

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Hockey fans must not miss it!

March 15, Friday - a gift for football fans and a great warm-up before an amazing weekend. Fans are waiting for the matches in the national championships of Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, France.

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Any match for any taste!

Monaco and Lille are something special. The Monegasques have not lost 7 matches in a row. How will they show themselves? Evil "dogs" are ready to spoil the statistics!

March 16, Saturday - holiday for betters! A huge number of matches, chic confrontations and conditions.

Plan ahead!

Wolverhampton, the famous storm of all the tops, will play against Manchester United, while Swansea will host Manchester City.

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More National Championships — stay tuned for the most interesting!

March 17, Sunday - a real atomic bomb for sports fans. Milan and Inter in Italy is an amazing derby. In Russia, Spartak (M) can create a chic intrigue if they beat Zenit, and in the French First League, Marseille will try to finish off PSG.

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Amazing matches almost all day long!

Enjoy sports and cheer for the best!

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