The official tourism portal of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be transformed into the portal of EURO 2020

Organizers expect even more crowds

The organizing committee of EURO 2020 in Russia will turn the official tourism portal of the 2018 World Cup into an analogue for the fans of the European Championship 2020. This was stated by the director of the Russian part of the organizing committee Alexei Sorokin.

The portal will contain any reference information and suitable services for travel, living in Russia, cultural traditions, infrastructure features, the stadium where the games will be held and St. Petersburg itself. At the same time, data on the cities and stadiums of the 2018 World Cup will be transferred to the archive part, and EURO 2020 will take the main place. Some of the information will probably be devoted to Moscow and, in general, Russia, as the organizers expect that many fans and supporters will go through the capital. In addition, it is assumed that data will be entered on all European stadiums and cities where EURO 2020 matches will be held.

Official tourism portal of the 2018 World Cup
St. Petersburg is preparing for the main tournament of the continent.

Will there be more foreigners?

According to Alexei Sorokin, the number of foreign fans will be very high. It is quite possible that even more than Russian fans. The successfully held World Cup 2018, the accessibility of the city, and the interest of the Europeans themselves in St. Petersburg will play a role in this. If the ticketing policy is successfully chosen, then there will be a lot of sports fans from Europe in the city.

Also, the head of the Russian part of the organizing committee noted that the European Cup tour will be organized in St. Petersburg. Moreover, the trophy can be seen on the Palace Square and in 5 more, not yet announced points.

Recall that within the framework of the European Championship 2020, 4 matches will be held in St. Petersburg: 3 games of the group stage and one quarter-final. The games will be held on June 13, 17, 22 and July 3, respectively.

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