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New week and new games for all sports fans. Despite Monday, we are waiting for all the most interesting and hot!
Artyom Dzyuba
Artyom Dzyuba
October 7, Monday. Football Monday will be a day of little rest: the players went to the national teams and are actively preparing for the UEFA EURO 2020 qualifiers. image 1 1 But if there is a lull in football for now, then in the KHL we are waiting for a new game day, which will please us with fierce and hot confrontations. image 2 1 If you like to watch sports at night, then the golden time begins in the NHL across the ocean! October 8, Tuesday. On the second day of the week, the regular season of the KHL continues, where three amazing matches will take place at once. image 3 1 October 9, Wednesday. But in the NHL there will be 8 great matches at once: we are getting ready to stay up after midnight on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. image 4 1 Wednesday for the KHL is a day of very interesting fights. image 5 1 On Wednesday evening, a friendly football match between Germany and Argentina will take place. And let the match be friendly - but the teams repeat the final of the 2014 World Cup! image 6 1 October 10, Thursday. A huge number of incredible and interesting matches will take place on Thursday. And even if the Russian national team is already participating in EURO 2020, we must not relax. image 7 1 In the meantime, Asian teams will compete for qualifications for the World Cup! October 11, Friday. A packed program of exciting UEFA EURO 2020 qualifiers will delight us on Friday. We pay attention to the match between England and the Czech Republic. image 8 1 October 12, Saturday. Saturday is the day for many players to turn the tide of UEFA EURO 2020 qualifiers and change team rankings. Don't miss it: 8 games at once will be held on the first day of the weekend! image 5 1 October 13, Sunday. Sunday is the day when the Russian team will play an away game against the Cypriot team. It is unlikely that the match will end unexpectedly, but the main match of the day - the Croatian national team will fight on the road with the Wales team.

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